What do your boots mean to you?

What do your boots mean to you?

What do your boots mean to you?

You could say I wasn't exactly "country" when I bought my first pair of boots. I was leaving home to Austin, Texas for college and got a pair just because I knew everyone else would have some. I don't think I understood then what these boots were going to mean to me. 

These boots have seen my cheer the Texas Longhorns to victory, and seen me with my head down when we lost.

They've seen unbelievable country concerts, everything Luke Bryan to the King, George Strait.

They've seen me two steppin' across my favorite dance floor, and seen me walking along 6th street.

Boots are usually a good investment, and for good reason; they'll last for years. My boots are going into their 6th year now, and they've got plenty of time left in them to make some more memories, and that's why I got them in the first place.

But the memories I have with my boots won't be the same as you with yours. Every pair of boots have a different meaning. 

Maybe you have a torn, rugged, pair of boots means which means you work hard for a living, and that makes you proud.

Maybe you have boots with lots of crystals and rhinestones and that means you probably like the finer things in life.

Maybe you're a first time father, and you have a pair of matching boots with your son, which means family is very important to you.

So ask yourself, what do your boots mean to you?