Birth of a Nation: Our Independence Day

Birth of a Nation: Our Independence Day

The annual celebration of our Independence Day is one of the bigger holidays throughout the year, with barbecues, beer, and fireworks galore, but the meaning somehow gets lost in the celebrating, not unlike Christmas and Easter where origins of the holiday get forgotten in the midst of presents and candy.

We are the land of the free, and the home of the brave. To some, those are just words sang before every baseball or football game, but for others, it means everything. 

It stands for the men who fought for our freedom; past, present, and future. It stands for the family and loved ones who have waited for them to come home. It stands for the brothers who have fallen, and the ones who tried to save them.

So while this will be a happy weekend with the fireworks shows, parades , and good food, this is also a moment to learn and teach a history lesson of the birth of our nation. There's a reason why we have the liberty and freedom to do what we love, like spending time with our families and having a beer with our hot dogs and burgers, and it's because of what is arguably the most important day in American history:

The 4th of July.