Boho Country

Boho Country

Two reigning styles that aren't going anywhere anytime soon are Boho-Chic and Country.

While Bohemian literally means a person from Bohemia, it's also evolved to mean someone who doesn't conform to societal norms, like artists. Boho clothing is usually colorful and detailed, with intricate patterns and a retro flair.

Country, on the other hand, is a little vaguer. Country can be anything from a plaid shirt and a pair of jeans for a tough day at work to a sundress with a pair of boots for a night out at the dancehall.

So what happens when you mix both and get Boho Country? You'll get the Weslaco Henley Tunic made by Rancho Estancia. The gold and earth tones and tribal pattern are very Boho and when you add a pair of jeans and some boots, you get a Country twist.

There's nothing wrong with being different, in fact, in the world of fashion, it's even encouraged. There's nothing wrong with mixing two styles to find the one you love. So live a little and mix it up.

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