Still going Strait

Still going Strait

Still Going Strait

Now, more than ever, artists are comfortable calling themselves masters or kings, even calling themselves Gods. Talented as they may be, when Texans hear the word "King", only one name comes to mind; George Strait. George Strait has that power, to make even the strongest country cynics doubt themselves and think, "That was a pretty good song."

To this day, Strait has the most number one hits than any other single artist in history, in any genre. He's in third place for the most gold and platinum albums in the history of music, behind Elvis Presley and the Beatles.

George Strait embodies the idea of country perfectly, not just with his music, but his values by serving in the Army, graduating with a degree in Agriculture which he puts to good use on his ranch, and even declining numerous interviews to spend time with his family.

At 64, George Strait shows no sign of slowing down, and while "The Cowboy Rides Away" Tour was his last, he has signed on for a residency in none other than Sin City, aptly named "Strait to Vegas".

Average kings wear crowns, only one wears a cowboy hat. And our love for him is a love without end, Amen.

Happy Birthday George!