Country Swagger

Country Swagger

Country Swagger

The definition of the word "swagger" seems to have changed somewhat with a little help of today's pop music and swagger is definitely not what it used to be.

From materialistic things, to flashy outfits or anyone who wears baggy jeans, the word swagger has been thrown around so often, it's hard to know if you even want to have swagger anymore.

Country swagger truly stands apart from the rest. Someone with country swagger knows where they're from and where they're headed to next. They're confident in their life and the decisions they make. They have an air about them, and when you're in the vicinity of someone who happens to have it, you just know.

You feel it.

Country swagger has the kind of attitude to make you want to succeed, and try again if you fail. It's the style you have, which is not just about the clothes you wear, but the way you wear it. It's being able to walk into a room and have all eyes on you, without you saying a word. It's the self-confidence you have in yourself, and the aura that surrounds you.

All these qualities combined create the very concept of what swagger is, or at least, what it should be. 

So it makes you ask yourself; Do you have country swagger