Pick your sole

Pick your Sole

Ever wonder what the difference between a leather sole and rubber sole is? It’s easy, one is made out of leather, and the other…. Well, out of rubber. But what does this mean for you when you’re trying to pick out the perfect pair of boots? It really only means one thing; preference. Leather soles although mostly traditional in most boots aren’t the best when it comes to traction on pavement or flooring. This is because leather tends to be smooth in nature, causing it to slip easily. Rubber on the other hand has great traction and is way more comfortable than leather soles.  There will however be that 1% of folks that will beg to differ and suggest that leather soles are more comfortable, but I can assure you that’s just not the case. The real difference is preference. This is because leather soles are intended for those that wear boots for work and the outdoors. They perform and will keep you going way longer than leather. But wearing rubber soles to an elegant wedding or formal even is just a big no no. That’s like putting all-terrain tires on your dad’s Cadillac. This is where the traditional sense of leather soles comes in to play. Leather soles are simply more fit for the occasion. So when picking between leather and rubber when deciding on your next pair of boots follow our advice, Pick both! That’s really the only way to go.

P.S , if you ever meet someone who wears nothing but leather soles, hand them a callus brush. They need it..